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Star quality on display It was a star-studded affair, with county players past and present interspersed throughout both sides. Short URL. About the author:. About the author. Kevin O'Brien. See more articles by Kevin O'Brien. Contribute to this story: Send a Correction. Read next:. Your Email. Recipient's Email. We also need to see a rapid and city-wide rollout of the DublinBikes scheme, one of the most cost effective ways to increase the use of public transport and cycling.

Privatising the buses has not worked as the owners are only interested in profit and not the people that use the service. The National Transport Authority should be looking at ways to incorporate a local services funded by them to take the shortfall of people who are not getting a proper service or take back the bus service themselves. Bus prices have also gone up, making it more likely that people will take their car rather than use the public transport but we really cannot call it public when its privately owned.

Most importantly, I would campaign for power over public transport in Dublin to be brought from national government to local. These changes would enable us in Dublin to ensure our public transport is not sold off to private companies, and also to ensure that transport decisions that affect Dublin are taken by those who represent Dublin. It makes no sense for transport for our capital city to be a responsibility of the national government.

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Unfortunately, without this, the amount that local government can do to improve public transport i. Some specific actions that could be taken at a local level to improve life for cyclists and pedestrians however would include: 1 Ensuring a greater percentage of the city's roads maintenance budget is spent on footpaths, cycle-lane maintenance, and proper marking of cycle lanes, and making our streets walkable, rather than all being spent on roads maintenance, which overwhelmingly benefits car users; 2 Increase the levy on corporations building in our cities, so that the damage done by HGVs and other construction traffic can be properly remedied.

We need to make cycling a safe, realistic alternative to the car and encourage more people to take up cycling as a normal part of their everyday lives. Ireland is far behind much of Europe in terms of cycling policy. We need to recognise that cycling is a major transport area that can contribute hugely to society. The benefits of cycling are enormous. And cyclist or not, everyone gains from them. It sets out clear commitments to cycling including:. We should also see cycling as part of the overall transport system and again, integrate cycling infrastructure with bicycle friendly buses, trains and trams.

We propose that every council establish an ambitious target of kilometres of cycle-lanes for delivery. Cycling in Dublin needs to be made safer and easier. Additional cycle lanes on key routes is a must along with extending the very successful Dublinbikes scheme throughout the city. I will work for the creation of new separated cycle routes in Dublin. I will ensure that the position of cycling officer in Dublin City Council is filled so that we can take a more strategic approach to delivering improved cycling infrastructure in the city.

We need to learn from other cities and how they have achieved a significant increase in cycling by designing the infrastructure around the cyclist. This bottom-up approach is more participatory, but is likely to make for better design. For example, it can be used to create routes to help children to get to school safely by bike, and to amend design traffic light systems and intersections to make it easier and safer for cyclists to traverse main roads, etc. We also need to involve other organisations and agencies.

Taking the case of safe routes to school for children and young people — schools and the Department of Education need to get involved. As councillor, I will work to ensure that the council engages with schools so they can invest in better and more secure bike shelters, with support from the Department of Education.

We also need to involve school students themselves, and their parents, in a significant effort to encourage bike use. There is a significant gender aspect to this, as cycling to school by girls at second level is at a very low level, and I am committed to working within the council to encourage schools, parents and students to devise ways to change this.

The Irish state has already committed to reducing energy. Cycle lanes are a good idea. We need an awareness programme for motorists, but also we need to make cyclists aware that the rules of the road also apply to them.

Star quality, All-Ireland favourites and more talking points as St Vincent's edge Ballymun

There are a number of cycling projects being carried out at present, but our road structure has many pinch points and a lot more investment is needed. A massive reduction in the number of cars in our city will aid the redesign of our city roads for cyclists and public transport. But drivers need an alternative mode of transport to take them out of their cars. It is all connected. We need a massive improvement of the cycling network with immediate separation of cyclists with kerbs from all traffic, including buses.

The obvious answer is for more cycling lanes and better advertisement of the Cycle to Work Scheme.

Alongside this, there needs to be proper investment in our roads, which are still littered with potholes, and a mandatory co-ordination of roadworks. It is long past time where one utility company digs up a road in March, only for another company to dig it again later in the year. With better public transport there would be fewer cars on the roads, thus freeing up the space for cycle lanes.

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  • I suppose what is being proposed at the moment is the way to go cutting down on the use of the private car. Will make it easier for more cycling lanes but that is connected to major improving public transport so there all interconnected. I would be pushing for this. We also need to see a rapid and city wide rollout of the Dublin Bikes scheme, one of the most cost effective ways to increase the use of public transport and cycling.

    Some parts of the cycle tracks are extremely dangerous and need to be addressed. I think cycle tracks should be a distance for the road and not on public walkways. The should have their own mini road. Also, I think children need to be aware when cycling and should know the rules of the road. There used to be a traffic school that children would got to on a school outing. That should be brought back. The Workers' Party on Dublin City Council would ensure that the position of cycling and walking officer is funded and filled.

    I would advocate for this position to have a specific focus on liaising with schools, to identify and amend local obstacles to schoolchildren cycling or walking to school.

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    I would propose and vote for the reallocation of funds in the city's budget from roads maintenance to specific cycle-lane maintenance, and painting to ensure cycle lanes are properly marked. I would support and propose as many cycle lanes of possible to be segregated and physically separate from traffic, including removing or relocating parking if possible.

    I will continue my party's full support for initiatives including the Liffey Cycle Route.

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    The Social Democrats believe that Ireland can do much more to promote sustainable and affordable energy and that local authorities can be significant players in this. Climate change is a real thing and the role of carbon is undeniable. Equally, energy poverty is a real thing and blindly lumping more taxes on the most vulnerable in our society is simply creating another problem and undermining public support in the fight against climate change.

    We will ensure that housing energy standards on all new developments is rigorously applied in planning conditions. We will heavily promote the retro-fitting of existing local-authority housing stock to reduce carbon emissions from this sector. We will cut the carbon footprint of all councils, from transport planning and street lighting to tree planting and recyclingand extend the number of public charging points for electric vehicles.

    We will also support zoned "green communities" where councils promote biodiversity, boost investment in public transport and cycling under the National Development Plan, and reduce spending on roads. Climate change is the most pressing problem of our age. The effects of climate change are visible to us all.

    We have also recommended increased funding towards Science Foundation Ireland, and believe the state should do more itself, in generating cutting-edge research and development to get the most out of our renewable energy potential and place Ireland at the forefront of the fight against climate change. It would also ensure that Local Authorities seek to produce their own energy, build homes of the highest energy standards, and facilitate the collection of organic waste and compost.

    I feel this is more of a national issue, however there needs to be more grants made available for renewable energy methods e. I would also be in favour of grants to improve the energy efficiency of homes. The threshold for the current SEAI grants is far too low. In everything I do in Dublin City Council, I will ask myself the question: how will this help Dublin to address climate change?

    Nitrous Oxide Webinar - August 24th 2020
    best hook up spots Ballymun Ireland Best hook up spots Ballymun Ireland
    best hook up spots Ballymun Ireland Best hook up spots Ballymun Ireland
    best hook up spots Ballymun Ireland Best hook up spots Ballymun Ireland
    best hook up spots Ballymun Ireland Best hook up spots Ballymun Ireland
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